The Client

Broadway Dry Cleaners opened for business in 1926 and is one of the oldest businesses still operating in Mount Hawthorn.

The company offers a full range of dry cleaning services. These range from general apparel cleaning to bridal wear and leather goods. It has a strong commercial customer base in the hospitality industry as well.

The Project

Our Brief

Mount Hawthorn is one of the oldest suburbs in Perth. It grew out of the expansion of the capital in the late nineteenth century.

Because of its proximity to Perth, in recent years its popularity has soared, and It now attracts young families and professionals who are looking for an inner city vibe.

To appeal to this market, Broadway Dry Cleaners asked for a website with a “retro” look that would highlight the company’s long connection with the suburb.

Our Approach

We decided on a black and red colour scheme to tie in with the company logo, with grey scale imagery throughout and page headings in a cursive script typeface. Our aim was to create a vintage look that would invoke the era before colour photography.

Colonial buildings in the background of the “About Us” section underline the company’s history, and these buildings are overlaid with an image of Broadway Dry Cleaners delivery vans from the 1930s.

Broadway Dry Cleaners