The Media Dreams Story

Michael Roper

Media Dreams Founder & Principal

A Background In Small Business Advice

The Media Dreams story has its roots in my career as a partner in a public accounting practice, which began before the internet era. During that time I became familiar with many of the challenges which confront the average small business owner. Chief among these is business promotion.

Marketing Then

Pre digital marketing was generally limited to print media such as newspaper ads, flyers and signage. The process was simple to understand and did not need much involvement on the owner’s part. If it was successful, the results could be easily measured by the number of customers who walked through the door.

Marketing Now

The landscape changed with the coming of the digital age. The advent of on line shopping and browsing made a website almost mandatory for a small business. However, unlike print media, websites are dynamic creations which require constant attention if they are to be successful. This usually calls for a greater degree of involvement and understanding on the business owner’s part.

For those owners who are unable or unwilling to invest this time, their only alternative is to rely on the ability and judgement of a web design professional.

How I Learnt About The Small Business Owner's Problems With Web Sites

Clients Don’t Always Understand

For the average small business owner, commissioning a website can sometimes be a daunting experience. This became clear to me during my time advising accounting clients, and also as the owner of a small manufacturing business post accounting.

Web design is a complex field and can be bewildering to a non technical person. The small business owner often does not know which questions to ask. Sometimes he or she is afraid to ask any questions at all for fear of seeming ignorant.

Clients Aren’t Always Told

Designers tend to focus on the design and building process, which is understandable. They don’t always give a lot of thought to the practical issues which may confront the client after hand over.

Unfortunately it is then that these issues often arise, including:

  • Clients who are unhappy because they were not made fully aware of the ongoing commitments. Further time, staff resources and expenditure are essential to maintain a successful website.
  • Clients who are unhappy because they did not have ongoing fee structures explained. Future site upgrades, maintenance and content changes all cost money.
  • Clients who quite frankly should have been tactfully advised to stick with their Facebook page. Some people are not cut out to run a website and will spend their time telling all and sundry that “websites are an expensive waste of time”.

What I Decided To Do About It

It gradually became apparent to me that an in depth knowledge of website design and its associated disciplines was essential if I was to continue in business. 

This realisation, coupled with a lifelong interest in art, design and colour led me to embark on a journey of discovery into the fascinating world of web design. 

Launching this website is the final chapter in the Media Dreams story and is the culmination of my journey.