Web Design Packages

The prices of our web design packages shown below will apply unchanged in the majority of cases. However, you should see them seen as a starting point only. Every business has unique needs and a “one size fits all” approach does not allow for flexibility.

We base our quotes on the amount of time we need to spend on your website after considering every aspect of your business needs. We can only assess this after some in depth discussion about your goals for the site.

Our article “How Much Should You Pay For A Website?” will give you a better understanding of pricing for web design packages, and when standard prices may vary.

Note – Hover over individual items in each package to see tool tips containing further information.

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Website & Domain Hosting

See this page for our hosting plans

Other Charges

  • Content creation – blog articles, newsletter articles etc – $60.00 per hour including GST
  • Site alterations and updates after launch – $60.00 per hour Including GST